Custom Performance Massage

Optimize Your Performance Through Massage

Overall stress and tension detract from our well being and can lead to illness, depression and sleeplessness.  Regular massage can help counter these effects and restore your personal optimal performance.

Muscle pain, stiffness, and limited range of motion can inhibit our day-to-day work, as well as athletic or recreational activities.  Restore mobility through massage techniques and assisted stretches.

Improve Quality of Life

Maximize Movement

Get a Customized Massage

When you come to me for massage our session starts with a conversation.  I want to know why you're here today.  Is something sore?  Need some relaxation?  Having trouble sleeping?  What's your goal for our session?  Once we agree on a goal I'll describe an approach.  Together we'll decide what to do today.  New to massage?  No worries.  I'll introduce you.  I'll be happy to give you as much explanation as you'd like about what's involved, why it's done and what I hope we can achieve in our session.